Officially an Elli Gilgal Model

You can now find me in Elli Gilgal Modelling Agency's catalogue of models.

Elli Gilgal is not your typical modelling agency.

While its founder and CEO Elizabeth Nehring goes the extra mile in building a rapport with her models before working with them, the entire agency is driven by the motivation to positively influence the perception of colored people in Germany.

Atop the Skyline Plaza, by Elizabeth Nehring

Our first meeting was a test shoot on the rooftops of Frankfurt’s Skyline Plaza in February, this year, the idea being that this way, we’d learn if I was good fit for the camera — and if a working relationship between the two of us would pan out.

At the end of the two hour shoot our minds were made up. She also happened to say I was a natural, that I was made for the camera; not going to lie, those words stuck with me.

Anyway fast forward to a few weeks, and I’d hired Lisa Krieg to help me drum up photographs for my SED CARD that would best show off my personality and taste for 80s fashion, colors and leather.


The whole idea behind Gilgal is freedom.

A few of those snaps from Lisa, and others taken by Elizabeth during the test shoot, now make up my profile on the Elli Gilgal website. You can see the complete set of pictures from both shoots in my modelling gallery here.

To look at my profile and make a booking through Elli Gilgal meanwhile, visit

Elli Gilgal SED CARD