Locked Day Trips Part II – Cologne

12 hours after the road trip to Karlsruhe, we head to Mainz and then Heidelberg in the same weekend, before making Cologne the stop for next week.

We did Karlsruhe on Friday, and Saturday — just out on a drive, we had the idea of driving to Mainz impromptu despite the weather. Entry into the city was quite a sight.

The next day it was Heidelberg, and while we see saw plenty of the old city, we had to cut the trip short just before reaching the top of the castle due to an injury sustained by my friend tagging a long. So that’s still to be continued at some point.

The weekend after that we headed out to Cologne; on the way back, I intended to stop and stay at Bonn to meet a couple other carnivores I’d connected with recently — but had to cancel at the last minute.

Anyway, enjoy the sights, and as usual — more original music by Van Reeves.