Locked Day Trips Part I – Karlsruhe

Unable to travel internationally from Frankfurt, Germany, I hop into a car, pick a few neighboring cities on the map, and drive to them for some sightseeing.

To kick off my YouTube channel, here is is Part I of a series of day trips I’ve been doing in and around Europe.

Setting out from Frankfurt, Germany at around 10 A.M, a friend and I made Karlsruhe our destination. Since the COVID rules at the time made staying over at any one city overnight implausible, the plan was to see as much as we could before sunset.

Among the stops we made are:

  • Mannheim, to pick up Turkish sweets for a Turkish friend;
  • Gaggenau and Rasttat, being as they are of nostalgic value to the friend I set out with;
  • Baden – Baden, where we broke for lunch, before setting out for Karlsruhe.

Enjoy the sights and tunes which have been written exclusively for my channel by Van Reeves. Thanks for watching.

While this series is only a montage of sorts, I’ll be putting out a lot more health and lifestyle related blurbs on YouTube soon. If there’s something you’d like me to answer or cover in a video, let me know in the comments below.